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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 2, 2013 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. go niners! >> we can do it all! we got it! >> yea! >> niners fans have arrived!
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good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we're so close, you can almost taste it. >> sports director dennis o'donnell and michelle griego are in new orleans tonight. hey, guys. >> reporter: how's it going out there? we're at jackson square. you're right, liz. you said that people have arrived here in new orleans. they definitely have. and security has come with it. i was just mentioning to liz off camera that when the police drive around in the city right now, both with motorcycles and with squad cars, their lights are on. it's kind of a warning to let everybody know we have a lot of police presence in the city tonight. and from what i've seen, there have been no problems. >> right. so far. but there are a lot more people in the city. have you noticed? you can't get a cab very easily anymore. the traffic just getting here was pretty bad. we've been waiting all week for fans to come into town. and you know what? football is finally here!
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>> who has got it better than us? >> nobody! >> reporter: the super bowl is just days away. >> do you feel the super bowl fever now? >> oh, absolutely! >> reporter: usually crowded for mardi gras, bourbon street is now full of football fans. >> what took you so long to get here? >> we gotta work. gotta make the money to make it here. >> how much were the tickets? you tell me the truth. >> 11,500 for the trip. >> priceless. you'll never forget a memory like this. the city is alive. >> reporter: pricey but worth it. >> it's gonna be the niners. we got that yankee kaepernick who can run, he can do it all! we got it. by next week, we're gonna need two hands for all our rings. >> reporter: the ravens fans don't agree. >> san francisco is going home.
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losers! >> reporter: but it will be a victory on sunday. >> go niners! >> reporter: so much red and gold. we were trying to convert some of the saints fans we ran into in the french quarter and the 49ers fans. lots of fans here already. >> the saints will be back. roger goodell, who basically suspended that team for a year, sean payton didn't get to coach the saints. he's been here in the big easy. but the saints have got next year. you can bet on that. the good news for the 49ers is there are no more news conferences. the 49ers were able to practice for the final time today. tomorrow it will come down to essentially just a walk-through at the superdome. before practice, jim harbaugh held a joint press conference with his brother john. >> i concur. >> at times using short answers -- >> i concur. >> reporter: the harbaugh brothers spent 30 minutes
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answering questions about their similarities and their differences. >> philosophical commonalities. i'd be hard-pressed to spell philosophical right now. um -- and i know i couldn't spell commonality at this point. >> reporter: despite their effort to downplay the unique situation, the brothers made sure to acknowledge their mom and dad. >> nobody has a more competitive fire than my mother. it's the most important thing to me that she believed in me. she was not happy when we built a hockey goal out of chicken wire when we were 13 and we shot all of the windows out of the garage door. remember that? they were glass. she called dad in on that one. >> reporter: it was a multigenerational event. their 97-year-old maternal grandmother joe got a piece of the spotlight. >> whoever would imagine that? i would have never dreamed of this in my life.
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>> reporter: the italian immigrant was an auto mechanic by trade. he spent time playing baseball and fished the streets of cleveland when the brothers were young. >> they always called me the world's worst fisherman, because every place i took them, they never caught any fish. >> reporter: okay. so joe has become my favorite part of the harbaugh family. he doesn't care about a super bowl ring. he just wants a bass on the end of that fishing line. that's good enough for me. >> reporter: that's pretty good. so we've toured the city. new orleans is wonderful. we've interviewed everyone we can. what do you say? you ready for football now? >> reporter: you think? if i have to hear somebody say, hey, who has got it better than us, one more time -- by the way, that will be coming up in sports. >> you ought to be in the bay area right now, especially san francisco. it is absolutely -- the anticipation is intense. people just want this game to
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get going. >> reporter: enough is enough. let's get going. let's play. >> reporter: you know, the highest-rated football game in the history of the super bowl is the 49ers. in 1981. i believe that this will be the highest-rated game in the history of the super bowl. >> reporter: record that. we're gonna see if he's right. >> a bold prediction. we'll check in with you a little later on. thanks, guys, very much. well, you better be on your best behavior after the game or you could wind up on the wall of shame. this is what san francisco cops don't want to see. after the giants won the world series, vandals trashed a muni bus and lit it on fire. today district attorney george gascon showed off all the mug shots he's collected of the vandals. >> some of those people are facing the possibility of 25 years to life. there are people that had no
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prior criminal records that are facing the possibility of three to five years in prison. >> san francisco police aren't taking any chances for sunday. twice as many officers will be working as during the world series celebration and trash collection was even moved up to try to prevent dumpster fires. and cbs 5 is your super bowl station. kickoff is at 3:30 on sunday. then stay tuned for a super night on the new bay bridge. we'll bring you the first live television program from the new deck of the new span, complete with postgame coverage from new orleans and all over the bay area. the news is not pleasant in this case. we have new details about a young teenage girl found dead in fairfield this morning. her body was discovered at allan witt park. she was last seen in nearby suisun city. joe vazquez has the latest.
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>> reporter: ken, the news just sinking in. there's a great deal of pain already in this community, as you can see this make shift memorial. this young girl was a foster child. they're still trying to get ahold of her natural mother. as such, they do not want to make her name public. but a police source has confirmed her identity with cbs. >> when i go to class, i see her and i gave her a hug every day. >> reporter: she was only 13 years old, a student at green valley middle school in fairfield. authorities have not yet released her name, but some of her classmates know. >> it's hard, because i don't know why they would do this to a nice person. >> reporter: a man on a sunrise walk through allan witt park discovered the girl's body and flagged down a cop. >> she was last seen in the morning and hadn't returned after school. >> reporter: turns out, police in nearby suisun city had been working a case of a missing girl. they got a call from the girl's
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foster parent about 5:40 last evening. >> we started following up, seeing if we could locate her. of course, using all these investigative techniques we know, social media, phones, past friends. >> reporter: they didn't find her. then they picked the search back up early this morning. and as suisun city police were on the phone with the girl's guardian, fairfield police called to say they believed they had a homicide victim matching the missing girl's description. investigators are still trying to find out who did this and why, and for that matter, how exactly this 13-year-old girl was murdered. reporting live in fairfield, joe vazquez, cbs 5. less than 24 hours ago, a woman in her 70's was brutally attacked. she is pretty beaten up. it might be a little hard to look at the injuries, but that's exactly why she agreed to let cbs 5 reporter kiet do and photographer jim flannigan into her home tonight. >> reporter: she didn't talk or even give her name. but she wanted the world to see
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what her attacker had done to a 74-year-old woman. a broken nose, two black eyes, bruises and cuts and scrapes all over. the suspects were probably trying to look tough, she says. >> how big and bad can you look by beating up an old lady? >> you look pathetic. it's just sad. you -- it's pathetic. >> reporter: at 2:00 this morning, a man was breaking into this white car. the victim shouted get out of here. instead of taking off, the man climbed through the window and assaulted her inside. she got away, fell down outside her porch. but the kicking and punching didn't stop there. he continued to beat and stomp the elderly woman as she stumbled across the street and collapsed. >> these people have mothers, they have grandmothers. and it's like they have no conscious. they don't think about anything. >> reporter: your message to the guy who did this? >> well, keep running. but we hope you'll get caught.
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>> reporter: crooks have broken into several other neighbors' cars but it's not clear if they're related to the beating. the attack has touched a nerve with the officers. >> somebody who is that bold and willing to do that, we have to wonder, to what level is he willing to escalate that violence and perhaps maybe use a weapon the next time or do something worse? >> reporter: the victim's daughter was home at the time. she did make it out okay. during this whole melee, a second suspect showed up and ransacked the house. if you have any information, san jose police want you to give them a call. live in san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. and we have a developing story tonight. we want to get to a suicide bomber. he blew himself up outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. the explosion also killed a turkish guard but did not hurt the embassy itself. the attack happened on hillary clinton's last day as secretary
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of state. >> i know that the world we are trying to help bring into being will have many difficult days. but i am more optimistic today than i was when i stood here four years ago. >> after logging almost a million miles in the air these past four years, secretary clinton says she is looking forward to getting some rest. earlier today, former presidential candidate john kerry sworn in as the 68th secretary of state. coming up, the stunt at a california high school that has caught the attention of the feds. who borrowed a police helicopter without asking? and the new warning system that's making cell phones go berserk, even in the middle of the night. maybe next year they'll be in the super bowl. plus, how a little 49ers fan -- how the 49ers made a
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little bay area's kid dream come true. if you love rainfall, you've been crying the blues over the past 10, 15 days. the radar is clear. find out when the rainfall will come back. find out how warm we're going to be on super bowl sunday. a live look outside. city hall lit up for the niners.
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this is a department of justice helicopter hovering over the homecoming game outside sacramento. what's it doing there? state officials are wondering the exact same thing. according to a sacramento tv station, someone borrowed it without asking. in this youtube video, you see someone drop the ball out of the chopper. that's apparently a doj agent throwing to his son, a player on the field. usually the helicopter is only used for drug busts. the whole incident cost taxpayers at least a grand. an oakland woman could face charges for lying about an abduction. she called police saying her husband beat her up and then kidnapped their one-year-old daughter. that prompted a statewide, four- hour amber alert early this morning. as soon as police realized there was no kidnapping and there is no child, they cancelled the alert. the woman's husband does, however, face some assault and abuse charges.
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well, the amber alert system is expanding. alerts are going out to millions of cell phones. most of the customers are shocked to learn that their phones have this capable. sharon chin says the high- pitched alerts come on most new phones automatically. >> it sounds like a frightening alarm. it is different from any other thing you would hear. >> reporter: brittany was caught by surprise last month in denver when her phone blared and vibrated. then an amber alert message popped up. >> everybody in the office, they all had their own individual ones. >> reporter: the wireless message is part of fema's expanded amber alert program. it started new year's day and has already startled tens of thousands of people, some of them in the middle of the night. >> it sounded like a siren, like woo. and everybody is going, what is that? >> reporter: so far the emergency alert has been used about 20 times in 40 states and will start soon in california.
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>> did you know? >> no. >> reporter: many people we talked to had no idea newer phones automatically have the alert turned on. >> amber alert is on. holy moly, you're right. it's under notifications at the very bottom. government alerts. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: dozens of people who were alarmed and confused the first time they heard the alert now threatened to change their phone settings to opt out. this father won't change a thing. >> as a dad, i think it's really important to get the amber alerts out to as many people as possible. >> reporter: the amber alert is one of three new wireless alerts. there's also the imminent danger alert and the presidential alert sent from the white house. and the only one of the three that cannot be turned off on your phone. this is all so new that law enforcement officers are still learning about it. >> so are the phone users. is the system being used actively in the bay area? >> reporter: fema says they're
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in the application process so they would be the first up. >> all right. sharon chin in the newsroom. thank you. well, what a difference a year makes! >> at this time last year, there were a lot of tears in 49er line. >> what's wrong? >> they didn't make it to the super bowl! >> you thought the 49ers would be in the super bowl? maybe next year they'll be in the super bowl. >> aw. i wanna cry! that's little johnny! lucky for him, the vacaville preschooler got his way. >> are you gonna watch the super bowl anyway? >> oh! oh! oh! whoa! who has got it better than us? nobody! >> pure elation. >> if he throws that kid one
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more time up in the air, he might get lunch. >> you know, that crying video was viewed almost 70,000 times. he was very upset. >> all they gotta do is bring back a trophy now. >> if they win on sunday, they better post something on youtube. we're going to win the temperature battle. >> that is not a for tender of the score. >> we are warmer than baltimore. we're actually also warmer than new orleans right now. here's a look at what you wake up to tomorrow. starting off your weekend, super bowl weekend, in case you didn't know yet, fremont, 40, chilly again. we just can't shake the 30's. livermore, tri-valley, fairfield, you'll be in the 30's tonight. there's some moisture moving up from the south. it's not going to be perfect sunshine tomorrow. we're just kind of splitting
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hairs here talking about perfect sunshine or filtered sunshine. tomorrow will be of the filtered variety. you'll have that veil of cloud cover for a good chunk of the day. we will stay mild. we will stay mainly sunny and we will stay mainly dry. high pressure begins to move out next week, allowing low pressure to come down from the gulf of alaska. yes, we'll have showers, but the bigger story will be the cooler temperatures. we'll likely be in the low to mid 50's for highs by the end of next week. filtered sunshine tomorrow. super great weather coming up on sunday. we will have excellent weather to get outside before or after. cooler weather. wetter weather coming but not until this time next week. tomorrow, concord, 62. mid 60's for you in palo alto. mid 60's for union city. mid 60's for walnut creek.
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fairfield, 63. filtered sunshine for santa rosa. beautiful sunshine on super bowl sunday. we are looking at sunshine again on monday. trending cooler, tuesday and wednesday. there's that chance of rain. just a few showers next thursday and friday. that's your forecast. we will be right back. to the bathroom, so you ravens linebacker ray lewis is a sure thing for the hall of fame. and he credits a former 49er head coach who helped him in his early years. >> he's one of those guys that was in my life like marvin lewis, jack del rio, rex ryan, all these guys that really had an impact on my
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the commercials? >> if your answer is yes, you're not alone. san francisco's public utilities committee says it's not a legend. the super bowl flush exists. >> it's just kind of funny. you do see that spike right when halftime starts. and then you get the intermission, the commercial. that's when everyone is running and using the bathroom. >> by the way, when you're in the facilities, beyonce will be with this flu season being the most severe in years it's important to follow cdc guidelines to help protect your family. wash your hands often. and clean your surfaces using a disinfectant to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses. you can trust lysol because lysol disinfecting wipes kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. and with lysol no-touch hand soap you have 10 times more protection with each wash. helping protect your family with lysol... that's our mission for health.
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welcome back, everybody, to new orleans. and this has the potential to be a huge weekend for the san francisco 49ers. not only are they vying for their record-tying sixth super bowl title, but eddie dibartolo is a finalist for the pro football hall of fame. >> just the quest for trying to win everything that you can possibly win in sports, that's what i grew up with. i watched him, and i watched his passion not interfere with actually running a football game. he let bill walsh and john mcvay build a football team
2:05 am
that he provided all the resources for. and he really set the vision an set the tone and allowed those guys to go do their work. that's one of the things that i take from eddie that i'm not an expert. i shouldn't be in the draft room telling them who the pick. you have to put the right people in place and make sure that those folks have the opportunity to do what they do best. >> reporter: well, the class of 2013 will be announced tomorrow night. eddie d. is one of 17 finalists. other notable names with bay area ties include tim brown, tomorrower 49er charles haley and sonoma state alum larry allen. ray lewis has been the face of the ravens for nearly two decades. baltimore's defense is full of dominant personalities. a new leader has emerged, on the offensive side of the football. >> i just remember slapping him in the chest, you know, like real hard.
2:06 am
i was like, look, you're the general now, you know. lead us to a victory. like we're not talking out of here unless you wake up, like right now, and lead us to a victory. >> i don't know which side of joe we want to get ahold of. we want joe cool and all that. but come on, man. in our locker room, we got 53 -- we got about 65, 69 different guys in the locker room. we handsen down got probably the craziest, the nuttiest locker room in the nfl. and he fits right in with that. >> reporter: yeah. joe flacco is the guy that concerns me. eight touchdowns, no interceptions. the offensive line is playing great football and everybody has been talking about colin kaepernick. not too much about joe flacco. so as we go back to san francisco, ken and liz, that guy, watch out for the quarterback for the baltimore ravens. >> yeah.
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yeah. for sure. the guy has got some skills. all right. dennis, thanks very much. we'll don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399.
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